Home Equity Loans

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What can you do with a home equity loan?

Just about anything. Pay off credit cards, remodel your house, consolidate debt, finance a college education. Plus, the interest may be tax-deductible*.

With rates as low as 4.25% APR and repayment terms of up to 15 years, you could end up with some pretty reasonable monthly payments. (Yes!)

Alas, it’s hard to know if a home equity loan is the route you should take. We’ve provided several calculators below to help you crunch some numbers and make the best decision. One of our lending experts is always willing to help you out, too. Just give us a call.

*consult your tax advisor

Home Equity Loan Rates

See what the going rate is for a HELOC with Linn Area Credit Union.

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Automatic Payments

Set up payments to come out of your account automatically. Never forget a payment again!

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