MyMoola Tutorial Videos

MyMoola logo on midwest landscape

See how easy it is to use MyMoola!

Check out these tutorial videos to see MyMoola in action and learn about all of the benefits our online money management tool provides.

Overview and Adding Accounts

Get an overview of the Dashboard and complete your financial picture by bringing outside account information into MyMoola.


Help MyMoola categorize your spending to provide an accurate picture of your monthly spending habits.

Budgets (Spending Targets)

The power of MyMoola is in helping you monitor how you are spending your money. Learn how to set up spending targets with MyMoola’s budget feature.


What’s “widget” other than just a fun word to say? In MyMoola, these colorful tools will help you keep track of your moola with one quick glance on your Dashboard. You can customize the widgets on your Dashboard, choosing which you want to show and which you don’t want to see. In this video, we’ll show you a general overview of the most common widgets and then show you how to add, arrange and delete widgets from your dashboard.

Cash Flow Calendar

Add your income and regular expenses (bills) to the Cash Flow Calendar. See where things might get tight during the month, and make changes to improve your financial picture.


Picture a goal... then use MyMoola to make it a reality.

Net Worth

MyMoola offers a current view of your net worth, making it easy to see your complete financial snapshot with just a click of the mouse.

Search Bar and Advanced Search

Looking for a specific transaction? Save yourself a lot of time (and a whopper of a headache) by using the search functions.

Need more help?

You’re bound to have questions while working in MyMoola! This video shows where to go to get the quickest answers.

Get Started

Now that you’ve been introduced to MyMoola, login to eBranch and click on the MyMoola tab to get started.