Join today and get 5.9% APR for 12 months!

Offer ends 8/31/18
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Own this summer… and become part owner of a credit union!

Start owning this summer by applying to join the Linn Area family!

Once you’re a Linn Area Credit Union member, you can apply for one of our rugged, hardworking credit cards and get our special summer rate: 5.9% APR* for 12 months on everything you purchase with a Linn Area credit card in July and August! (After 12 months, the APR will be as low as 9.9% — still low enough for the sweet life!)

You’ll also get 5.9% APR when you transfer balances from your other credit cards. Our balance transfers are FREE, and we bet you a snow cone that our rates are a LOT lower than the credit cards you originally used. So bring us your balances, and you’ll end up owning that stuff for a lot less! (Adios, overblown interest rates!)

PLUS… if you get a Linn Area Visa® Platinum Rewards card, you’ll earn DOUBLE points** on all purchases (even the necessities, like popsicles and pool noodles). That’s twice the point earnings to use for cooler stuff like gift cards, merchandise, event tickets, account credit and more!

But membership isn’t just about the super low-rate credit cards. There are buckets of benefits to becoming a member (like actually partly owning the credit union). To make this happen, you have to meet a few basic requirements. (Simple stuff, really!)

Yes, I want to apply for membership today!

Now about that card.

Now that you’ve submitted your membership application, you’re ready to apply for one of our credit cards so you can score that super-low rate we told you about! You can apply online right now or visit your nearest walk-in branch.

Kayaks, camping gear, road trips, the vacation of a lifetime… whatever it is, now’s the time to own it with a Linn Area credit card!

Apply for a credit card today!

*5.90% promotional rate is valid for credit purchases and balance transfers that post between 7/1/18 and 8/31/18. The promotional rate does not apply to cash advances. The 5.90% annual percentage rate (APR) expires 12 months from the date of your first credit purchase or balance transfer, at which time the APR will revert to the nonpromotional rate of 9.90% to 13.80% APR, depending upon the card. Balance transfers available only on non-Linn Area Credit Union debt. Membership required. All applications subject to approval. Account must be in good standing to qualify. There is a grace period before interest is charged on purchases, and no annual fees or participation fees. Other fees include: cash advance fee — minimum of $1 or 2.00% of the amount of each cash advance, whichever is greater (maximum of $5); foreign transaction fee — 1.00% of each transaction in US dollars. **Double points do not apply to balance transfers.