Scary CC Stories: Daniel’s Dark Day

Many of you are preparing for your big weekend plans to celebrate Halloween – be it taking the kiddos treat or treating or causing some trouble of your own. We wanted to continue to share those near ghost tales of our members’ credit card stories.

Here is the 2nd installment of our spooky, real-life credit card stories from members just like you:

Victim: Daniel Raleigh

“A while back I was sent a notice from the credit card company that I have had business with for at least 15 years. I have always had AAA credit with them, and was surprised that they sent me a notice that they were going to start charging me a $75.00 annual fee (from no annual fee). I called the customer service and they said that that’s too bad, but since the economy is the way it is, either pay it or close your account. Period. I asked if they did that to all their best consumers and the person I talked with said if it was him, he would just go somewhere else to get a different credit card. I told him he needs to find another company to work for, asked him to close my account, and hung up.

I applied that same day online for a Linn Area Credit Card and recieved it a while later. I kick myself for not doing that sooner since my house mortgages as well as other loans, my savings and my checking accounts have always been with LACU.”

Eek! Talk about blood curdling customer service! Glad we were able to help Daniel through his dark day!