Scary CC Stories: Julie’s Boogie Man

As Halloween lurks in the near future, we are reminded of a contest we ran last year asking for people’s scariest credit card stories. And, trust us, some of these are downright TERRIFYING!!!

Here is the 1st installment of our spooky, real-life credit card stories from members just like you:

Victim: Julie Mather

“I had an account with one of the major banks for close to 18 years. My credit card limit was over $30,000. I had never come close to that as a balance. I always paid more than the minimum every month. I NEVER had a late payment in all those years. Out of blue, I found out the bank had jumped my interest rate up 7%. I called to question this move and they said it was to stay competitive with other banks. I was told that they might lower it 1 or 2% in a couple of months. After laughing at that comment, I called JoAnn at the Blairs Ferry Rd branch and she signed me right up for your credit card!  I always thought it would be a hassle to switch my credit card over from a bank to a credit union, but it was painless and very swift! Thank You for being there when I needed you.”

Looks like Julie found the support she needed to battle the Boogie Man! If you need help in your own battle, just click here for info on our totally unscary credit cards.

What’s your spookiest credit card story??