Spotlight: Slayton

What is it like being a TV star? I don’t consider myself a “TV star,” the real stars of that commercial are the kids and ALICE

How have your family and friends reacted?  My brothers have always considered me to be a bit of a “ham” all of the time anyway.  Seeing me in this commercial is nothing different.  My son thought that I was the perfect choice for Linn Area, and that was not a solicited comment either.  In fact a former student of his sent him a message upon seeing the commercial, this morning, and responded “that was really cool.”  My friends loved it, and said “Yep that’s Slayton”

Has anyone given you a nickname? For some reason, appearing in that commercial has caused people to think I have a lot of money, so they call me “Big Money.”

What’s the funniest/craziest thing that has happened to you as a result of your new fame? Handing a deposit slip, from my job, into another financial institution and having them recite my lines from the commercial, they usually respond “Hey we know you, and know your name.”

What did you think about filming the commercial? My first thought was “This commercial should not just be about me, but what makes me who I am; the corps, the kids, and my 38 years of service to the Cedar Rapids School District are the perfect examples that define me.

What do you do when your commercial comes on TV? I open all the doors and windows, and announce to the entire neighborhood “Turn your TV’s on now!! I’m on TV.”

What’s your favorite part about being part of the Linn Area family? My favorite part about being a member of the LACU Family is the mere fact that I’m fortunate enough to have been a part of one institution for so long.

Do you have a favorite Linn Area product or service? The special savings programs, such as the “kiddies programs” and the on-line banking service

What are three words you’d use to describe Linn Area Credit Union? It’s about YOU

Anything else you’d like to add? When I became a member, many of the current employees were not there.  However the tradition of family service has been passed on brilliantly.  The difference between a bank and a credit union is efficiency.  Items will be taken care of the day you ask for assistance.