Tales From the Front Line: Hey, you dropped your debit card!

Let’s set the scene: It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Marlene, a staff member at the SW location who will be heading to the new Edgewood branch, helped a member in the drive through lane. As the member grabbed the envelope of money she had withdrawn, unbeknownst to the member or Marlene, her debit card fell out onto the ground. The member drove off. 

A little while later, another member came through the same lane. He told Marlene that there was a debit card laying on the ground. Marlene immediately went outside to retrieve the card and then called the member who owned it. To the member’s distress, she had to work until 5:00 p.m., but had wanted to get some great deals early on Black Friday morning. Marlene was quick to tell the member that she would wait for her in the parking lot at the SW branch to ensure that the member would be able to carry on with her big shopping plans. 

The member actually returned to the office soon after just to share her story and thank us for going above and beyond. She even said that she was telling everyone at her work how Linn Area Credit Union made her holiday just by being so kind and helpful. 

But, here at Linn Area Credit Union, we just call this act of kindness “Wednesday.” We do things like this all the time for our amazing members!

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