What’s a Floater? Well it’s not a piece of food floating in your soda!

What’s a Floater? I get that question a lot when I tell people my informal job title, but, honestly, “Member Service Specialist” can be a bit confusing as well – although it does sound snazzy! 

I have been a floater here at Linn Area for one year and I love it. This position was created to fill in for people who are sick, on maternity leave, on their regularly scheduled day off, out on vacation, or for those days that we that just need extra help.  Most weeks I’m not doing the same thing two days in a row. From answering phones in the call center to rolling coin on the teller line, I’ve been trained to pretty much do it all!  

But what does this mean to you? Well, one day I may be helping you at the new Edgewood Branch and the next, I could be answering your question about online banking over the phone. I was even given the opportunity to assist our Business Development Manager with a “Lunch and Learn” (when we go out into the community and teach different financial seminars over the lunch hour). I got to eat pizza, play bingo, and talk about finances. I’m not going to lie – it was not a bad way to spend a Tuesday!

Altogether, there are five floaters, one of which who is a floating head teller that goes to a different branch each day of the week. A challenge that comes with the job is not always knowing where I will be working when I show up to the main office. For example, when I report for duty at the main branch first thing in the morning, I could be told to head to the Marion branch because someone came down with the flu. Having that unknown isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy it!

The upside is that my LACU co-workers are great! They train me extremely well so I can help – no matter where I’m at.

Now I realize that some members are uneasy about seeing a new face at their normal branch. No worries, I assure you that I know what I am doing and I am happy to help.  I am a talker so if you ever see me at a branch, please say hi!